Another 23/12/19 “Broken toilet”: the death of the infamous German submarine U-1206

As you can kill a whole submarine? From enemy torpedoes? From hitting the pitfalls? Run into a mine or by mistake confronted with another ship?

Yes, alas, it happens. But was history and a few funny incident when a German submarine was lost due to…malfunction of the toilet. Banal forgetfulness mechanics led to the death of U-1206 in the spring of 1945.

German submarine type VIIC, with “branded” coat of arms in the form of a white stork with a green beak and feet on a black shield, was launched on 30 December 1943. A few months later, U-1206 stood up for service in the Kriegsmarine – Navy Germany.

the Submarine was made to last. German engineers are already at that time had an unconventional approach and introduced in produced in military factories equipment innovative technologies. Improving reliability and military power, the engineers have not forgotten about the crew, giving great importance to comfort and command.

One of those “features” became fatal for the submarine. The thing is. German engineers have developed a new system for the treatment of waste products of the crew of the submarine, which, however, soon caused the destruction of the ship.

U-1206 and any other submarine, itself, was a latrine. The difference was only the fact that the ships of this system the Germans used new technology flushing, which allowed to use the toilet even at depth.

an Innovative scheme for the treatment of waste of life lies in the fact that these wastes are not accumulated on Board a ship in special tanks, and with the help of a camera system, high pressure washed directly into the sea, to the delight of local inhabitants.

the System was quite complex so, ironically, each new team member, prior toAK will be admitted directly into the head for urinating natural needs, was obliged to undergo a special training course on how to use the toilet.

As it turned out, was among these “cadets” and their significance, including not as much, but a captain Karl-Adolf Schlitte.

the Stars aligned so that one day, while on route patrol in the North sea, near the coast of Scotland, our hero desperately needed to visit the latrine.

having thus registered the need, the captain realized that in vain he missed a much-needed lesson on how to use the toilet and asked for help to a mechanic. Specially trained people were very busy with other things, so the captain came to the sailor, who himself did not really understand what and how in such a modern latrine.

Not noticing that the toilet valve is opened, a sailor, attempted to fix the toilet, has made only the fact that all of its contents are under a lot of pressure gushed out, mixed generously with sea salt water.

the Fountain was so powerful that the approach to the valve and close it was not possible. The submarine had to surface, but the salt water got into battery compartment and come in contact with lead batteries, causing a reaction in the form of a cloud of corrosive chlorine.

the Submarine had to surface, but here it was waited already by the British, generously odarivka ship bombs. The captain, the man of the hour, ordered the crew to abandon ship. On Board the German sailors who died in dubious circumstances of the submarine, hospitably received by the British destroyer.

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