The drivers are in the Uk, in Dorset have been warned: anyone of the following week, by the A352 motorway, in the English county of Dorset and the neighbouring Godmanstone want to drive it, the redirect is followed. Which, incidentally, is 66 miles long. And on the road? Extended less than fifty feet away.

It’s a positive to the story is that the board members who are in the streets anyway, they should be treated on a picturesque, scenic route. The giant of Cerne Abbas, an ancient and vast kalkfiguur in the Uk, in Dorset – up to the cute little village of Sherborne in Somerset: who’s the redirect that follows it, to see it all.

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it is a Pity that there’s also a negative side. Drivers will have to be at least an hour longer to drive their usual route by the detour, with 66 miles is being extended.

Why is the city in god’s name, so it was a long detour feature? “It’s going to be a road that will be closed. The type of traffic that is usually moving, it must also be by means of a path to be diverted”, says the statement. Small cars, according to the city council, “there is no doubt about the roads to ride”.

it’s try to shut down A road not to be entered, warn them again: “Fines of up to £ 1,000 (1.1570 dollars). The work will be reported to be for five days, from 28 October to 1 november.