The Celebrities, Brian Austin Green (46) is a fifteen-year along with Megan Fox (33), and their love is as strong as ever. That, says the actor, who is currently starring in the reboot of ‘Beverly Hills 90210′ in HollywoodLife.

After ten years, and have three children, afraid it’s time to have a relationship with to get. Not acteurskoppel, Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox. The couple is still very happily married since 2010. That, says Brian, in an interview with HollywoodLife. The reason for this is quite simple and sounds like this: “Our marriage is very, very simple. As you know, we have three children at the same time. Everything is relative, and so the home may be higher than that of the others, but it’s smaller than the others. Everything is relative in our area, our resources, and what we do.” The key to a happy marriage turns out the communication. “We’ll discuss it all. We try to be as open and transparent as possible. And, what is more, we have things to talk to you, the better we can understand each other. And we have come to appreciate the differences between us are more than they used to. It was really important to us.”