The Time-out Tyson Fury has his first-ever worstelmatch her. British ex-boxing champion in the heavyweight, moisture in the WWE at Braun Strowman in the United states of america. The WWE is the world’s largest worstelcompetitie. Though it may seem that the focus is often on the entertainment and not the wrestling itself. The outcome of these games is often fixed in advance. Fury has won the match.

Earlier this month, taking Night Strowman out at a worstelevent. The Englishman was seated with his family in the front row during a fight Strowman. That’s when the last of his opponent, Dolph Ziggler at Night toegooide it was on fire. He stormed to the ring, and there was a mass brawl. Several wrestlers from the fan Strowman, had to intervene. Finally, the two it really is in the ring and fight it out.
marketing stunt

And so it came to pass that they did yesterday. The point of ‘The Gypsy King’ at the worstelwereld there is not much more than a marketing stunt, because the game was made for both the NEW as well as for Fury’s very, very rewarding. The WWE gets a lot of wins out of showwedstrijden, and Fury takes approximately fourteen million euros for on. The brand’s ‘Fury’ fare ye well in the worstelpartij, because it is worldwide followed for nearly four million people are in the game. If there is a sequel to the getaway of the British remains to be seen.