It is, as far as, ‘ ‘ Blade Runner,’ is no longer in the future. In the futuristic world of a bounty hunter named Rick Deckard in the 1982 all canned, but it was, according to the filmmakers, in november, 2019 at the latest. Right now, in other words. The time for the settlement has to make: how many of the correct predictions were just sitting there in the classic of Ridley Scott?

are in Agreement, just as massive as the ‘Blade Runner,’ it was, is not now. The film is based on ” Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’, a sci-fi novel by Philip K. Dick (1968). Designer Syd Mead has called the project a reality ahead of its time”. “I wanted to create a world in which you are able to see that the city was really crowded it was. The people of the upper classes were not, in fact, under the fortieth floor. In the streets, on the ground, was a kind of a basement.” In some areas of New York city, it is clear that he is not very far from the reality in 2019 and finish by sat.

in Addition, the advertising is very aggressive, is presented in the film, we see how, technology, using voice commands to work, and it is the warming of the earth is presented as if it’s a serious problem… sounds like today is not very familiar? Our so called ‘smart advertising’ on Facebook predicts exactly what we are looking at, based on our search history on the internet. In a chat conversation with hulprobots “Siri” or “Hey, Google,” we don’t have more than the usual, as well as Greta Thunberg allows for the prediction of global warming, would certainly agree.

Perhaps the most accurate prediction of them all: synthwave – it’s the genre that’s still in the ‘Blade Runner’ back is back in fashion. This is an electronic style of music based on the soundtracks of the video games from the 80’s.

of Course, there are also predictions that vollédig next morning. As much as we are also off to a flying car, which would have, at that point, we haven’t. Also, the so-called ‘replicants’, creepy clones that look like people, but in reality, it’s much stronger and smarter, but, fortunately, we do not have to put on the street.

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