Black mark: what was depicted as a statue that sent Nikolai Yezhov to his wife

History 26/12/19 “Black mark”: what was depicted as a statue that sent Nikolai Yezhov to his wife

the Famous historian Boris Sokolov no wonder calls circumstances of death of the wife of Nikolai Yezhov mysterious. According to the official version, Eugene Hawtin died voluntarily. Shortly before this she had received from his wife the statue, which, under the assumptions of another historian Nikita Petrov, became a kind of prearranged signal the need to commit suicide.

the Accusations against the Commissar and his wife

Events that led Nikolai Yezhov and his wife to the sad finale, began to develop rapidly after August, 1938 Deputy people’s Commissar was appointed Lavrenty Beria. Then, according to the author of the book “the secret services of the first years of the Soviet Union” Igor Simbirtsev, Yezhov received a denunciation. Its author was the head of the Ivanovo NKVD Victor Zhuravlev. Zhuravlev said that not once put Nikolai on notice about suspicious activities of a number of Soviet leaders. However, the Commissar waved to messages Zhuravleva hand.

Shortly before the sentencing denunciation Zhuravleva at the court of the Politburo, namely 29 October 1938, Nikolai Yezhov, identified his wife in Eugene Autino located on the outskirts of Moscow psychiatric sanatorium imeni Vorovskogo. At least so writes in his book “Yezhov. Biography” Alexey Pavlyukov. The doctors gave Hauting diagnosis – asthenic-depressive condition. At the same time Evgenia Solomonovna showered suspicion of espionage. She knew about it and, in the words of Donald Rayfield was, the author of the book “Stalin and his henchmen”, before departure to the resort left her husband a note “to check out the rest of her life” because she is innocent.

the Disturbing events and “black label”

in addition, the note Eugene Hawtin expressed hope for help from Joseph Stalinand. “If you were even five minutes to talk with this dear me to the core man,” complained the wife of a Commissar. According to Vasily Prydain, the author of the book “ABC chiefs”, Hautin and in fact have repeatedly appealed to Stalin, but none of his letters to the leader of it answer have not received. The psychological condition of the spouse of Nikolay Yezhov were exacerbated not only the silence of Stalin, but also arrests her close friends. In particular imprisoned Zinaida Glikina, who had nursed Hauting in the sanatorium.

However, to leave the life of Eugene Solomonovna decided only when Yezhov received from a small statuette depicting a dwarf. Under the assumptions of Simon Sebag Montefiore, author of the book “Stalin. Yard red monarch”, so the choice was due to the fact that this souvenir is presented Hauting Yezhov himself still in the initial period of their romance. Historian Nikita Petrov in the publication “”Stalin’s pet” – Nikolai Ezhov” expressed the theory that the couple is likely to have agreed that the figure of the dwarf will become a kind of prearranged signal to Hawtin committed suicide.

a Series of deaths

To some extent the version of Nikita Petrova was confirmed by Nikolai Yezhov. At least in the publication “N. I. Yezhov. Stalin and the conspiracy of the NKVD” (publishing house “Algorithm”, 2013), there are articles questioning Yezhov, in which he admitted that he is using Dementieva sent Hauting the gnome statue. However, with what purpose he gave the wife this memento, a former Commissar of internal Affairs didn’t specify. Together with figure Evgeniya Solomonovna received from the husband the fruit, and medicines, which later became the cause of her death. She died on 21 November 1938 with a psychiatric sanatorium.

As stated in the publication “the Stalin prize” (the drafters Gennady Prashkevich and Tatiana Yanushevich), 4 months after the death of Eugenia Koutinas, Nikolai Yezhov, was taken into custody. It is noteworthy that he was charged with espionage not only in relationships but also in the poisoning of his wife. According to the findings of the investigation, Yezhov, and Hawtin and her lover Isaac Babel had planned the assassination of Stalin. In this case, Eugene Solomon acted as an unwanted witness, which needed to be addressed. In the early 1940 Nikolai Yezhov, and Isaac Babel was executed for plotting a coup.

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