Out of Trouble on a wheelchair on a Hiking trail should have moved a bike driver, the woman is so far to the edge that she fell down a hillside. The 45-Year-old suffered on the Sunday morning serious injury, the days would have to be treated still in intensive care, police said.

The cyclists have raised on the crest of a hill in Bergisch-Gladbach were woman first of all and declared, you can block the drive-through. Then he should have a wheelchair so far in the direction of the slope is pushed, the front wheels were right on the edge. As the cyclist continued on his bike, tilted the wheelchair to the front in the depth. Without the cry of woman to help, he sped off, police said, and was referring to the statements of the wheelchair.

A woman with a child near the road, borrowed a phone and alerted the rescue forces. The police are looking for this woman and other witnesses, in order to get any further information to the volatile cyclists. He’s supposed to be 50 to 60 years old.

the husband of The wheelchair rider had left the group excursion to the Hiking trail to a suspected black-and-anglers-to-speech.