Targeted stretching and strengthening exercises to bring the backbone into balance, reduce tension and prevent serious problems before.

you will need to use the back-Trainer

It does not matter, to exercise what time of day you. But take advantage of every opportunity! Some of the Exercises you can do immediately after Waking up in bed, some while waiting for the Bus, or until the coffee is gone. Or you bridge the TV-commercial breaks, by strengthening your back!

Try as many as possible of the Exercises per day. But even if you create each of the 20 only once per week, you will feel a positive effect: your back will get stronger, relieve stress, and you will feel full of energy.

FOCUS Online/Wochit sit up Straight, conserve? What are you your back will never hurt should you ask the doctor

If you already have back pain, or a doctor with a back pain diagnosed, you should the Exercises on your own. Go to the security previously to an orthopedist, and talk with him about the back trainer. You should note:

Practice it carefully, and pay attention to the Details of the exercise instructions.Keep your back straight, do not go into a hollow back, and you do not overdo it.Neither Exercise will hurt you, still you should practice when you have pain. PDF Quick help for back pain

Our PDF guide shows you the most common causes for back problems and how you can finally be pain free.

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