Weird to see Her Di Falco is the risk to run for hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees after she lost a court case against the airline, Emirates. Di Falco was not a sufficient supply of water had gotten on her flight, which, through an ankle fracture, among other things, to the end of their marriage together. The judge gave her the wrong.

The 54-year-old Australian, At a Di Falco claims that they are on their way to the toilet, and her stick, went in, and fell at a include a long distance flight on Emirates in march 2015, because there is only one cup of water to her food came from. It was about a hour away, in her flight from Melbourne to Dubai. Di Falco, the fall, her ankle hurt. Back in Australia, turned out to be broken, and that she had to go under the knife. After the accident, she was given a large bottle of water for the rest of the flight was fourteen hours to get through.

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The woman opened a lawsuit against the company, demanding compensation for damages. Her ankle fracture was the fault of Emirates, has argued, because the crew had refused to get her some water while she was there four times, had to be asked. When she got to the toilet, and was about to go, she began to feel dizzy and nausea. And she fell down. They claimed at the trial that it was not only trip abroad to the Middle East is screwed up, but that they are constantly in pain, that she was two months incapable of working, that they will not be able to do what they love to do, such as gardening, farming, as well as her relationship is on the verge of falling apart. “Because of the accident, I couldn’t… the woman with whom he had been married.” She was, in his own words, are frustrated that they have domestic chores no longer be trusted.

it’s a right, Jacinta Forbes has ruled that Emirates, which is a waterfonteintje on board, the passenger is not at fault earthquake. This is the risk, Di Falco and now the heavy costs of court proceedings and to have to pay for it. Emirates would like to make additional charges to calculate, since Di Falco, at first, a selection of the airline was dismissed.