Roeselare is Because the file does not show where exactly it gedrift on the roundabout at Poco Loco, Roeselare, count two is alleged to drifters, to ensure that they will be acquitted of all charges. Have previously denied that they are behind the wheel and sat down. “If the court wants to know who it was, we need to know exactly when the offences took place”, says the rule of law.

Just after the new year, which appeared on social media in a number of films in which a couple of fast and expensive cars to drift to the left at the roundabout, take the snackbedrijf Poco Loco, Roeselare. This led to outrage among the police and the courts. On social media, the drifters, on the one hand, adored for their horseback riding, and on the other hand, to the ground due to careless driving. The three owners of the vehicles involved have been summoned to appear before the magistrates ‘ court. There, they declared earlier this year that they don’t get behind the wheel sat down, and, moreover, could not tell who it was. The judge is forcing them to prompt for today, Monday, november 4, confirmation as to the identity of the members of the board.

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One of the accused, the 29-year-old Thomas T., of Roeselare, in the past, even the victim of a homejacking in the parental home, but is best known as the owner/driver of a purple, a Porsche GT3, which first appeared in a driftfilmpje. The vehicle was in July this year, the heavy damage in an accident at the intersection of the Highway and the Meensesteenweg in Roeselare, reportedly during a street race. T., played it for a month before his driver’s license is lost, after he was caught on the drift at the train station in Roeselare.

the Case has been postponed

There have been so looking forward to the arrival of the t to the magistrates ‘ court, but the husband and his lawyers gave their lives. The reason: he or she will be on vacation. The court was not in the least appreciate it. “The date of the hearing is already set for a long time,” said he to a fellow lawyer that the postponement was to ask. The court initially wanted the case yet, but decided to still have the file in question, to the 18th of november, in the presence of the accused.