Music Who doesn’t listen, put him on the wrong side. “Unheard of”, the first album by Guga Baúl, a sentence example of imitation of, among others, in the evening only and for This Bunch, though the song with them singing it. But it just seems that way. The songs and the lyrics are definitely some of the Guga. “I like to expose myself, but hid behind that vote.”

Radio Guga we already knew. And with that, the show has toured Laurent-the Ark – real – name- in Flanders for the past five years, and he brings out the covers of Dutch-language artists, of which he is one the best fakes. Now there is a sequel, the Studio of Guga. Still, with excellent reproductions, but a new and self-penned songs. And that is to put the meesterimitator on his first album, “Unheard of”. Sixteen of the Dutch-language songs that you have two, or even several times the need to listen to it to know that they are out of Guga’s mouth. And this, Bart Peeters, Clouseau, Mama’s Jasje, Raymond van het Groenewoud, Gorki, Stef Bos, and Frans Bauer, De Kreuners, Kommil Foo, the Team, Willem Vermandere, John Queen, Boudewijn de Groot,and The Sixth Metal body. Punishment.

“Emotionally, I told myself,’ go and dig up my own personal message to be able to communicate in the songs,” he says. ‘The Baron Gaston, his son, Gaston (4), it is a good example of this. “Three years ago, I wrote that after The 1-year and yet to be still sleeping. Be slightly, out of frustration, because he was the boss in bed, but he stipulated at the same time, the story of my wife’s New (Levels, ed.). and I was,” he laughs. “But, of course, also on a positive note, because after all, I can see The a little bit of a copy of that to me.”