As few people create in Akademgorodok perfect beach (they have collected on 500 thousand rubles). Report

the Initiative group of residents of Novosibirsk decided to restore order on the Central beach of Academgorodok. First, they have invested their own 40 thousand rubles, and then I gathered another half a million on a crowdfunding platform. Which took the money, how transformed this beach and what else there will be a journalist NGS Maria Tishchenko went to the place and talked with the activists.

the Central beach of Academgorodok — a few hundred metres along the sandy shores of the Ob sea. In the summer going crowds to sunbathe, swim, picnic. The beach is the administration who cleans the territory and keeps order, but in one place official beach ends and the wild begins, which no one cleans, although there are also vacationers, including those who stay with the tents.