The TV It’s going to be hard for the singer and the Player Destadsbader. This summer, he won for the third time in the Radio 2 summer Hit, and last week he launched his new album ‘beyond the Clouds’, and in december, for three days in a row at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp, belgium. The most popular and the singer is overwhelmed by fans around the world. And dare him once to look at it at home. That is a funny story, he told me, in this day of Danira Boukhriss.

“I came out of the bathroom and heard a “hello”. I thought it was Eric Goens, was who came to them for pictures. But it turned out to be a fan of his. I was still in my towel, and, of course, with my mouth full of teeth. I said, ” I’m Sorry, but it is not’,” laughs the singer. “I may not have to deal with. All of my friends have said to me, ” You have said that this is not really it?’”, what it sounds like. “You know, I knew, at that moment, really do not know what I should say to you.”