With the arrival of the first european fighter aircraft (F-35, on Thursday in Leeuwarden, the netherlands, and is large at an end. The new unit will have an extra inspectiebeurt. The fire department and the air force had prohibited foam, instead of water, used to power festive lights to be able to accept, and that the prohibited foam that can rust and cause such messages to the Dutch media.

By the time the mistake was discovered, it is immediately washed off. The fighter aircraft will be thoroughly inspected. There will also be consultation with the manufacturer, Lockheed Martin. However, it is still too early to determine whether or not there is any damage. The Dutch air force, also knowing that the unit would not be right, it would be used.

It’s going to be the F-35, which is permanently in the Netherlands, is based. A thick, three weeks in the second half. Defence-46, F-35’s bought it as a replacement for the F-16, which for forty years had been.