The music Range is a challenge. The women’s choir performs next week at the same time, in Germany and in China, and that means that, for the first time in 23 years as a fork. The brothers Kolacny stay in Germany, and the other female traits, so just go to China. “Scala, it must also be without the services of our service. We are leading for years, secretly, a conductor, and pianoassistenten, but now is the big test.”

be A part of the Range of singers, leaves today for the tour bus in the direction of Leipzig, where the German tour this morning, starting, good, for close to twenty gigs, sometimes up to a thousand men. “A big chunk of it in our to-do list, which will also be a year fixed,” says Steven Kolacny. To call from China to the plans, plots, and threatened to throw it. “For a big event in Beijing, they wanted to imply that we were acting. Two years ago, we have been on tour, and we seem to have made quite an impression. A lot of fun, of course, to them, Range of express on the 8th of november, on the stage, as we had just moved in Brandenburg an action.” China’s cancellation was not done according to the Stem (50) and Stu (43) Kolacny. But Germany’s cancellation it was also not an option. Therefore, to pick up the brothers for the first time in their plan for the future at the top, where they’ve been for three years “under the radar” experiment: Variety, break down.