Another death from the coronavirus and testing of a new vaccine: a chronicle of events for may 30

on Saturday, may 30, oberstab Novosibirsk region to combat coronavirus reported the death of another patient.

the Number of registered cases of coronavirus infections in the region increased to 2705. Including infected with 167 children. Recovered 1089 man, 32 patients died.

What occurred in the city during the day?

because of the situation with coronavirus in Saudi Arabia is stuck in petroleum engineering from Novosibirsk. The man working there under contract on a rotational basis and in March had to return home. Of cancellations, difficulties with food, non-stop work and the difficulties of solving visa issues, Michael told reporters NGS Maria Tishchenko.
the Regional operational headquarters for the coronavirus announced a new statistic: for the past day, coronavirus was confirmed in 109 people.
what fatal consequences can result in massive parties and what is happening in hospitals — this and many other things we talked live on our Instagram with your doctor Lyudmila Ovchinnikova. She works as a district physician. We publish 10 interesting facts about which she spoke.
a Resident of Novosibirsk, coordinator of the organization “Russia Sitting” Rimma Obeikan spent the night in the tent of emergency medicine at the hospital No. 11, where she was taken by ambulance. Now she lies in the hospital corridor, waiting for the test result.
the Original version of the appearance of the coronavirus in the grocery market “huanan” in Wuhan denied. It turned out that COVID-19 existed long before that. This was announced by Director of the Chinese center for control and disease prevention Gao Fu.
the Ministry of health of the Novosibirsk region adopted a decision on the treatment of patients with coronavirus in the home. Take advantage of this opportunity will be already next week, however, the disease should occur with or without symptoms, either in the form of light.
At the research center “Vector” developed a vaccine for Covid-19, which can be instilled into the nose.
the Ministry of health of the Novosibirsk region commented on the congestion of patients in the control centre of infectious hospital.
Novosibirsk center “Vector” has developed a vaccine against coronavirus, and is in its preclinical trials. Tell 10 points, what is known at the moment about this development.