Anorgasmia, unpleasant sounds, itching and other horrors: what women hesitate to ask even the gynecologist

Many women face the delicate challenges that are too shy to speak even with gynecologists. Meanwhile, something had to put up our mothers and grandmothers successfully overcome the modern woman syndrome relaksirutego (relaxed) vagina, prolapse (prolapse, prolapse) of the uterus, urinary incontinence, sclerosing Lychen vulva, accompanied by terrible itching, anorgasmia (lack of orgasm), vaginal dryness, pain and discomfort during intercourse and many other problems — every age has its. Today they are solved. How, said the surgeon, the obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category Tatyana Veretelnikova.

Threads for beauty and pleasure

“young women after multiple births often have problems that reduce quality of life, intimate relationships and self-esteem, syndrome relaksirutego (relaxed) vagina, prolapse (prolapse, prolapse) genitalia. During intercourse, the contact becomes worse, decrease sensation, there are unpleasant sounds like neither the woman nor her partner — says Tatiana. Due to the fact that the pelvic floor muscles have peremetnulis and has not returned to its original state. To restore their tone, developed Kegel exercises, but they are not always as effective as we would like. If exercises are ineffective, insufficient or a woman says she does not want and will not to do them, the output will become intimate plastic — strand lifting, alternative operations that are normally conducted when prolapses 2nd and 3rd degree.”

Threads designed specifically for use in gynecology, but their meaning is the same as the threads that cosmetologists put in the face. Due to a special “spikes” after their in tissues and reduce the vagina made the effect persists, within 18 months, the thread will dissolve, during this time formed a connective-tissue skeleton that holds the muscles. Unlike Operations performed for the prolapse, after installation of the strands the patient, if you want, you’ll be able to give birth, she will not have problems.

Fillers to enhance the experience, and against incontinence

When there is no severe distension and just want to improve intimate sensation, apply fillers with high molecular hylauronic acid. They will create volume in the tissue and reduce the entrance to the vagina. Fillers can also be put in the “G-spot” stimulation and irritation which causes and intensifies the orgasm. After that sexual sensations are enhanced, the woman quickly reaches satisfaction, its sensitivity increases.

the Introduction of fillers in the region of the middle third of the urethra where the front wall of the vagina is bordered by the urethra, often allows to solve a problem with incontinence, often occurring after childbirth. The effect of the filler is reversible: if the patient does not like the effect, you can enter the antidote, and everything will resolve.

the platelet-rich Plasma, with problems that ashamed to say