In antwerp, The death of the Shashia series of poker main event (20), was not a “accidentje”. Some of the civil parties are concerned, it’s going to be “sheer murder”. Compared to that Of the Stage (28), and had given her with the promise of a rare Pokémonfiguurtjes was living in Antwerp, attracted to, sexual fantasies about her, to be able to indulge in. “He’s got the facts, deliberately carried out as a sexual predator. This was by no means a accidentje”, calling for master, Frederick Thiebaut.

in The case of the Pokémonmoord is a difficult process for the family, from Shashia. All the history Of the Race from the start and brought on from the runaway wurgseks to find the parties completely loses its credibility.

as A girl, that’s the only was to get to the various events, and is sexually inexperienced, it would suddenly, voluntarily, to surrender to the harsh wurgseks to be with someone who she barely knew? Come on, do one!

the Master, Walter Damen

See also Psychiatry on the offender Pokémon’s murder: ‘He was a psychopath. The risk of new offenses is very high,” “Memory smear”

“Of the Race is here, with a big grin on his face as the memory of that beautiful, kind-hearted and cheerful girl is smeared with his story of a tough, gritty, and imaginative lovemaking. You can’t imagine how hard that is for her next of kin has entered the building”, according to attorney Frederick Thiebaut, who is the uncle of the Shashia is acting, again today.

“A girl who’s only out was to go to the cosplay event to go to, and sexually inexperienced, it would suddenly and willingly give in to the rough wurgseks to be with someone who she barely knew? Come on, do one!”, called the lawyer Walter Damen, on behalf of the father and of the Shashia.

to Survive

“is The motto of the Shashia said: “this is my body, and my body, they continue on. Even her friends were not amicable hand on her back and lay, said attorney Jonathan m. Smith, who is the mother and step-father, step-brother, and the grandparents and hit.

as The brother of the victim was not in a position to have to attend the trial. “My client is extremely angry at the defendant, and he is afraid that he will be the last bit of self-control would lose it. Shashia was not only his sister but also his best friend. He feels alone, and doesn’t have the feeling that he was alive, but that he will,” said the master When Duchateau.