The remarkable images of the united states of America. There will be no changes for the passengers of the domestic flights too surprised when all of a sudden, a horse in the middle of the plane. That is, it is in the United States of america is permitted, provided that it is a service animal it is.

Surprised that the passengers were in their eyes, can hardly believe, last Thursday, the 90-minute flight on American Airlines from Chicago to Omaha, Nebraska. The owner of the horse, Abrea Hensley, have mental health problems. She is struggling with depression, and have post-traumatic stress and severe anxiety. The horses ‘Flirty’ calms her, and gives physical support to the woman’s in a groggy state.

“Flirty it was very peaceful and quiet during the flight,” said Hensley. “They’re shaking a couple of times with her head, but it was clear to see that she is relaxing in the … ”


From a number of American companies had been allowed to have miniature horses as service animals with them on board.The department of Transport decided during the summer that all of the companies that will have to do. Therefore, companies now there are even fines if passengers are using their service animal refuse to accept it.

from A horse as a service animal provides a few benefits. Thus, for example, 20 to 30 years, can be used. In dogs, it has been more than 10 years of age.