Brussels, Who will, as of the 13th of november with a classic orange ticket validation machine on the STIB network at home. The asbl (L’Ouvroir, a maatwerkbedrijf that works with people with a disability, and gave the boxes a new lease of life as the time, date and location.

orange, baking is gone in 2016, along with the traditional paper-ticketjes, on the STIB-network. They were then replaced by a red Ticket-units and the associated electronic circuit.

1,500 of the boxes are now getting a new lease of life. They were made by the people of the asbl (L’Ouvroir been converted to a cabinet. Fans of the public transport system in Brussels, to see what they have for Christmas in the house. “We have to have the equipment serviced and the motor and the electronic printed circuit boards which were removed and recycled,” says Damien Logghe of the Ouvroir. “Then our people have the equipment to clean the hinges, attach the interior handle it.”

open the door

The new container was named the Sesame with it. “It works in all languages, and it is a good example of what this device can do: open the door,” says Logghe. Both used to be on the bus, on the tram, as it is today, in your own home. It’s also nice to have such an iconic object in front of Brussels, in the house.”

If there is one, will have to be, because of the number of copies is limited to 1,500. “Not all of the boxes were suitable for use,” said Logghe. “We hope, however, that the idea of going abroad can bring. These boxes were made by a Belgian company, and has been widely used. Not only The Line, for example, in Brazil, of the time.”

The price is right on a Sesame house is 84 euros. They will be on sale from the 13th of november. Buy it at L’Ouvroir, in the STIB-s, in drive Station and by the STIB website. A number of small retail outlets, it is to be found in The sale lasts until the end of the month, or as long as supplies last.