This is the nightmare of teenagers. A pathology is particularly widespread, which may mark the face of very heavy. But acne could soon be nothing more than a bad memory. It is, in any case, the goal of a group of american researchers who are trying to develop a vaccine, ” explains Le Figaro.

A small reminder. Acne is a condition that affects approximately 15 million people in France. It is also the main reason why teens and young adults to go to the dermatologist. Its emergence is linked to a disorder of the glands which secrete too much sebum at the root of the hair. This leads to a clogging of the pores, and the appearance of lesions and sores on the face. The treatment is usually long and can mix drugs, creams or homeopathy.

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The factor CAMP

the appearance of The first button echoes so often as a sentence for the teenagers. But researchers specialized in dermatology from the university of San Diego, California, have isolated an antibody that could help solve the problem. It is indeed capable of targeting bacteria responsible for acne and thus reduce the inflammation in the lesions.

Patience, however, before you throw away your ointments and other products. This vaccine is still in the research stage. But, the first tests conducted on mice and skin cells in culture are rather convincing. The human trials are the next step, but it will be necessary to ensure that it does not break the natural balance of the skin.