An end to the outages of hot water? Energy told about the results of hydraulic testing

on 31 July, representatives of the mayoralty of Novosibirsk, SGK, the public and the expert community conducted an online discussion of the results of hydraulic testing of heating systems of Novosibirsk, problems of hot water supply and the city’s preparation for the heating season 2020-2021 years. Participants also responded to the city’s residents who asked their questions in advance on instagram NGS.

Hydraulic tests in Novosibirsk took place from 12 may to 29 July to 14 stages.

last year revealed the defect 1104, 1107 and in this, of which have already eliminated 929. The rest that do not affect the hot water supply in the work, said the Director of Novosibirsk branch of Siberian generating company (SGK) Andrey Kolmakov

“At the end of testing I can say that there is growth defects as a whole in the main heating systems and the “average diameter”. Last year the average diameter of the duct, which revealed the damage was 500 mm, and in this we have grown to 600 mm, — said Kolmakov. — Most damaging of heating mains of large diameter are fraught with disconnect a greater number of houses. This trend for about three years, we once change the overall efforts, but until we eliminate emergency defects that arise even after the tests. For the second year in a row we are adding to the costs inherent to the repair rates, the same amount from its own funds. Last year was 770 million rubles, in this 880 million rubles, but this is not enough.”