As Hoda Muthana made in the USA on the way to Syria, to the terrorist organization “Islamic state” published on Twitter an image that she was seeing with her American passport. “Soon there will be a camp fire,” wrote the young woman underneath. If you burned your passport at the time, it really is not clear. What is clear is that Muthana wants a new passport and return to the United States.

she could not Express how much you regret your decision at the time, told the today 24-Year-old the “New York Times” and the “Guardian”. Muthana is one of the approximately 1500 foreign women and children IS being held by Kurds in a refugee camp in al-Hul in Syria. Since then, she has been captured by the Kurds, tried Muthana everything to come back into the U.S. state of Alabama.

However, U.S. President Donald Trump does not want to take you back. Although Trump called for recently by the European States, 800 inmates IS fighters. Otherwise, the US would be forced to let the fighters free. In Germany, triggered a heated debate about dealing with citizens who draw in the Jihad.

For trump’s own country should apply, but apparently without restriction. Muthana, said US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo in an interview with the channel “Fox News”, was not an American, you have to enter no US passport and no right in the USA. If this is true, will be evaluated by experts in different ways. The legal situation seems to be complicated.

Actually, every child born in the U.S. receives, automatically the American citizenship. According to the lawyer of the family Muthana in 1994, is born in New Jersey. However, Muthana is also the daughter of a Yemeni diplomat. For this, the scheme does not apply.

Interview with criminal law expert: “We can’t all put”


Hoda do father, Ahmed Ali Muthana, will not accept and complains: Against Trump, Pompeo and the attorney-General William Barr, and for his daughter to return In his application for a temporary injunction before the court, it is said that Yemen had asked him in June 1994, his diplomatic passport to return. 28. October of the same year was born his daughter. The lawyer of the family accused the government of wanting you of their citizenship, deprive. The U.S. state Department, however, ran out in the meantime that Muthana until February 1995, was a Diplomat – so after the birth of his daughter and explaining his decision.

According to the international law to be repatriated after the end of conflicts, the former fighters in their countries. The United States are affected in this case in a very much lesser extent than European countries. Overall, only a small number of Americans have travelled to Syria to fight for the IS. 300 US-Americans should have, according to a report by the extremism research program, the George Washington University tried. About 59 people traveled to the Report, actually.

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One of them Hoda Muthana. In 2014, it rises in an airplane, you bring in the Turkey. She had planned the project for a long time. For the trip you took the money of their parents for the tuition fee for the University in Birmingham. From Turkey, they traveled more up in the Syrian ISIS stronghold of raqqa, to pull for the IS in the fight. This is contested, especially online: social media IS-Propaganda-spread and demanded the blood of the Americans – a suicide attack in America. Now, she says, Others would have taken on their Twitter channel.

The Smartphone: A gate in the radical world of Islam

Muthana married an Australian jihadist was killed in battle. Then, a Tunisian who fell in the battle for Mosul. Then a Syrians. Today, she has an 18-month-old child from her second husband. She has spoken with journalists about the fact that she cares about the future of her son. The fact that it has radicalized online, as you have A goal got to the school completion of their first Smartphone: the radical world of Islam.

Except Muthana is yet another American in the camp in Syria. The 46-year-old Kimberly Gwen Polman with canadian-American citizenship wants to return. In the Interview, the two women of the “New York Times, said” that there was another family of four sisters from Seattle with four children to be housed in another Camp. So far, they had been in the Kurdish camp, not from their home States contacted. Apparently, because of the unresolved question of their citizenship.

in order To differ from the male jihadists from the United States: Almost all of the men taken in the fight against the IS caught, have now been sent back to the United States: a Total of twelve. One of them traveled to the report, then back to Syria to perpetrate a suicide bombing. Nine seats in the United States in prison. Two more, the authorities are known but not in custody. Only the women are still in Syria. According to “New York Times” should be at least 13. Why you are not transferred in the United States, is not clear.

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