The Dutch YouTubers Michelle Granzier (20), and It Sweep (21), which, in America, have been detained since the military base, Area 51, enter in, have been charged with entering a restricted area. Of justice assumes that those that be aware is scheduled to be in agreement with the others. In an act of great civil disobedience is limited to a maximum of a year in a cell. The men are to appear tomorrow before the court of law.

all The vloggers were ignoring last Tuesday, and the sign ‘no entry’, and decided to close the us military base Area 51 to be accessed. To say that they were not aware of their violation of the law and they wanted to just go to a military post in order to ask whether or not they are images, are allowed to make. The politiearresteerdehen, however.

Now, detwee have been charged with entering a restricted area and the deliberate planning that is in concert with the others. According to the public aanklagerChris Arabia. The American authorities see this as an act of great civil disobedience. Tions, and It can be up to a year in jail or pay a fine. “The Americans are taking this matter very seriously. In this country, it is all up with soldiers, and the security to be high are included,” says Amerikakenner mr. Post.

There is also a lighter weight suit, namely, the entry into a restricted area. On this page, with a maximum prison sentence of up to six months. Tomorrow should be a voorproces, where items are likely to be suitable for this.