Charleroi is in The game at KV Mechelen, has a heavy toll from the brussels south Charleroi airport. Managing director, Pierre-Yves Hendrickx create the account. “Ilaimaharitra received a racist note to the main cast.”

“First of all, there is the injury, Diandy. At the end of the first half, he was out with a badly damaged knee. I’m afraid that’s the gewichtsbanden have been. Tomorrow should prove to you how bad it is. In the worst-case scenario, and as it seems — we will see him back in the regular season. A heavy blow for him and for the team, as Diandy has been since the beginning of the season, a very important link in the chain.”

“And then there was the incident with the Ilaimaharitra. Marco was apparently at the game by local fans of making racist comments to the main cast. It should be a few as there are, because Mechelen can boast of a really voetbalpubliek, in the best possible sense of the term. He made the referee aware of it, but said that he was so focused on the game, and that he had been noticed, and that of the match delegate in his report that would indicate, if that is indeed the case, it has been. It came to Marco, to such an extent that, after the final whistle, his gram, was the judge who passed that particular side of the line did. Marco replied, his excitement at the judge. He Had, of course, is not to do so, for the men, and there is nothing in between. Referee Lardot saw it happen, came across and gave it to Marco in yellow. Fifth, so he will be the ” home of the next week, against Three missing.”