In the United States of america want to be in spite of a scaled-down military force in Syria, and bound to continue the struggle against the terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS) after the death of leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. “Our mission in Syria as it is today, the same as at the beginning of our operations in 2014: the permanent loss of, it IS possible to make it,” said secretary of Defense Mark Esper, at a press conference at the Pentagon. The leader has to be a watery grave received them.

According to the Est, it means that the death of al-Baghdadi as a “devastating blow” for them, but he insisted that the world will be rid of terrorism, or that it will bring an end to the conflict in Syria. It is a warning to terrorists, who are thought to be hiding, according to Esper.

in Addition, you will be a part of the American forces in Syria will remain, but will be a part of it can be sent home. “Those who stay will continue with the implementation of anti-terrorist operations while they are in close contact with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which, together with the us to fight,” said Esper.

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Milley also said that in the coming days for photos and videos of al-Baghdadi’s final moments to be released. The leader has to be a watery grave received them. That being said, a high-ranking official at the Pentagon on condition of anonymity to the French news agency (AFP).“The removal of his remains has been fully completed and it has been appropriately done,” said Milley was previously dag.De the short ceremony was attended by muslim religious rites.

The funeral, which was reminiscent of that of Osama bin laden, leader of al-Qaeda, after a special operation in 2011, in Pakistan, have been killed. A burial at sea and to avoid that there is a place of pilgrimage for the followers of the terroristenleiders is formed.

The Us president when He announced that al-Baghdadi is no longer in life. He carried himself with an explosive vest, on the night of Saturday to Sunday in a military operation by Us Special Forces in the north-west of Syria. According to Trump, would make it “weep” and “weep”. Asked about those comments, was to Milley to admit that he didn’t know what He the information came from, said the American broadcaster, CNN.

the Dog injuries

When is the attack dog used. One of them got “slightly wounded,” according to Milley. The sex and the identity of the animal to be protected, because they are still in the operating theatre, are, according to Milley, who said that the ” animal “amazing services” provided.

as President He said in the course of the evening, however, it is a photo of the heroic dog. “We’ll have to take a picture of the beautiful dog, who did a wonderful job with the capture and killing of the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi!”, send a tweet to the president.

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