Travel Is pink your favorite color is and if you’re a fan of the Barbie doll? It is an overnight stay at this Barbiehuis may be right for you. Airbnb offers you an exclusive stay in a true-to-life replica of the famous doll’s house. The swimming pool, cinema and gym are just a few of the highlights of the pink abode in Malibu.

Stay at the world-famous ‘the dreamhouse’ Barbie doll. It has been a childhood dream of many people, that now can be realised.Interested persons may, on the 23rd of October, at 20 o’clock our time, and their chances for a two-night stay from the 27th to the 29th of October, you can book on the website of Airbnb.

please also See: in the pink house is also on the inside, everything is pink, pink, pink (and stay!)

In exchange for $ 60 per night (or about 53,92 euros) you can get it with up to three friends in the Barbiehuis a lot. “A once-in-a-lifetime chance”, says the Airbnb.De proceeds are donated to a charitable organization: it’s Barbie’s Dream to Gap Project. This organization funds the projects that the girls have more self-confidence, can be made.

the villa will be all kinds of activities to take place. When you are in the gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean, enjoy, learn fencing from an olympic champion Ibtihaj Muhammad. Afterwards, you can relax with a cocktail by the pool. Still not convinced? “A lifetime experience”, praising Barbie for her abode in the verhuurplatform. “My house is the perfect place to learn new things. I hope that it will also be your dream home, you will feel”.

It is not known whether the remainder of the year to be in the house to stay in.