Soccer Mario And His Side’s Ilaimaharitra, Khalidou Koulibaly. It was also a weekend in which football is not his best side was showing. With the racist chanting in the Belgian and the Italian fields, we have to sadly look back at the previous case.In spite of the many efforts made, there seems to be, still, nothing has changed. 2011: the three lions will be eight days in the suspension

Not only the fans but also the players themselves, to dare to perform on the football field. Luis Suarez did it on the shirt for Liverpool, as he was in 2011, Patrice Evra racially speaking. The Frenchman from Manchester United and refused to be in the next encounters with the Other always, his hands are shaking. Suarez himself was given eight days to a suspension and a hefty fine from the FA. For the Quarter, it would be the word ‘negro’ was used in a defamatory rant in the address of Evra. Later on, he would say that it is a word in the English language have a different meaning than in English.