The foreign football soccer, The mutiny, and the day after. Dries Mertens was a Wednesday morning, it was one of the first, which is located at the trainingcomplex, of Naples, reported to the training and the event. Have been member, chairman, Aurelio de Laurentiis, it was not to be spotted. There must be some wrinkles to be ironed out. After the loss against Salzburg is expected from the player base to bend to the caprices of the chef. Who did they have in contemplation to withdraw after the disappointing results, however, the bus remained empty. The players also Will, reported tells me that she is going home.

A weird-looking image, on the team bus from Naples shortly after midnight at the San Paolo drove off without any of the players. Dries Mertens, and co., gave this statement that it should have been. Their target: Aurelio De Laurentiis, president of Napoli, and graduated driftkikker. In his anger following the 2-1 defeat last weekend, Roma had a Laurentiis in the locker room, the word ‘ritiro’ – retreat – put in the mouth. Read on: from Monday evening until the following Sunday, The Laurentiis his cast of actors in isolation. A question of team spirit to blow in and the strings to tie three games in a row without a win.

please also Try to not to ‘ rat it!”: stop in store with This owner, after the Will & co. acid, loss of points, suffering

all The players were able to measure The Laurentiis but I appreciate it. Then, after the players were told that the retreat was still continued, in spite of a good result, they decided to take action. The bus, which He Will and his teammates to afzonderingsoord Castel Volturno had continued even after the match is empty. Instead, they left the players to their own home. Fight in the square. What’s more, some of them have been with their lawyer. De Laurentiis is the imposition of a mandatory multi-day private contractual book to be out, this is it.