Geraardsbergen Thomas Cooijman (42) it must be thirty years old to go to jail for the murder of his ex-partner and the attempted murder on her parents. The Dutchman was killed, Sandra Stompf (38) at her home in Geraardsbergen, with a keukenbijl, and then went on to the neighbor-to-back. The jury decided to put the world to speak out for the sake of the horror of their actions and the risk of re-offending.

A dispute between Thomas Cooijman and his ex-girlfriend, Sandra Stompf in the house of the woman in the Volderstraat in Geraardsbergen, was walking on the 10 June 2015 will get out of hand, with serious consequences.

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Two of the children were witness to a gruesome video, in which Cooijman Stompf to-hand combat was with swords, and a keukenbijl. The woman walked up the thirty or so cuts, stabs, and died from her injuries. According to the defendant, told Stompf on the day of the offences of which they have for a while had a relationship with another man, and took his stop.

as a Neighbour, A Massart, who is going to had heard of it and wanted to help, it was the rage of the Cooijman to her, and received the blows of the axe. She was in danger of death at the hospital, but was killed in the ferocious attack. The 4-year-old daughter of the couple saw it all happen, along with then-13-year-old son of a woman of a different kind of relationship. The children were not injured, but they were in a state of shock at the hospital.

will Not have forethought

from the assisenproces suggested to the parties yesterday, that Cooijman well-planned and well targeted to the work, and, therefore, wilful misconduct on the others. That would be a charge of manslaughter up to murder. Cooijman moment of silence can now be found in all languages, as he is to be remembered, to say nothing of the fact. According to the Public Prosecutor’s office, this was a tactic to get the most severe punishment is to come.

The jury ruled this afternoon in favor of the defendant, and concluded that there is forethought, there is no. Cooijman was found guilty of manslaughter. “It hasn’t been proven that there is forethought it was. He wanted the victim to be dead, and does not dispute that he had the knife wounds dealt”, according to the judgment, on the question of guilt.