Bizarre-A mystery. In a word, the Dutchman Dennis Lagraauw it is not for you. After more than 25 years, it was a ring, which he had lost at the cafe and The Shelter have been recovered.

by Dennis Lagraauw had a quarter of a century ago, the size of a beer at The Porch of a cafe in the South), a village in the South of the netherlands. As always, it was the Dutch with the stake of the game. “Just a tap”, he called it. But all of a sudden fell on the piece of jewelry. The ring bounced twice on the floor in the hall. After that it remained quiet for a moment.

Lagraauw, “With might and main, we have searched it, but to no avail. It was quite a shock. My father and I had the ring in for a tough time given as a gift.” The exact reason for this he doesn’t want to lose it. However, it’s a very, very, very meaningful ring to it. You do not want to lose.

Your a regular visitor to hoping week after week that someone with the ring would be found, but to no avail. And now, a quarter of a century later, the jewel is suddenly again appeared. It was in the bar and The Canopy, which currently wordtafgebroken.

It’s a miracle,” said Lagraauw in disbelief. “The ring and I never got to say goodbye. However, the idea that I was in the ring once again to get it. And now, this is still happening.”

Elly Hazewinkel, who is 26 years old and The Porch ran in to her in the world. Following the announcement that the ring had been found, ‘ready’ they are to, say, a couple of blocks to the cause. “I am so very pleased about that. Tonight, I’m with Dennis dropped in to give him a ring in a little box with a big bow around it,” she said to our colleagues from the photos of the special moment posted.