Showbiz is For the cover of her latest album, “Sjokola’ had they been all the way with the chocolate sauce poured in, and now self-proclaimed ‘chocoholic’ She has A, (43) with its own praline, with amarettosmaak on the market.

The singer has worked with in the past few months working closely with the Belgian chocolatierketen Airport. “A good period of time, because I had all the time to taste it,” she says. “For me, this is truly a dream come true. I’m addicted to chocolate, so your own chocolate had been on my bucketlist.”

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The chocolate is also a member of the Sjokola The Sound of the Artist A”, and a box with five different, pre-existing the rest. “I have been chosen as a function of the numbers in the ‘Sjokola’. The idea is that you have to be a song, listens to it and the matching chocolate to eat. If you can, the sounds and the tastes, at the same time to discover it. Though it does not, per se, because the box will be even with no cd in the market.”
Afrikaans, and Norwegian

check out The title track of the album, since gisterenook single will be available in five different languages.”In addition to English, I sing ‘Sjokola’ is also available in German, French, Dutch, Afrikaans, and Norwegian. I want to take this song to a wider audience,” says the Artist.