TV-Wanne Synnave (22), one of the sidekicks of the CHARITY-presenter Peter Van de Veire will be the passage in the ” Now ” is still a long time to remember it. Wanne did that yesterday, some of the decisions that have to be a part of it’s fans are going down the wrong way of shots, and that he now wants to be excused.

when to w and radiocollega Karolien Debecker is a guest at the talk show Danira Boukhriss in order to talk about mental health issues in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. So, it would no less than 65 per cent of lesbian, gay, bisexual want to commit suicide and have thought of it. One quarter of them made one or more attempts. The most alarming figures, which are also Wanne have already faced, or so he told me to be on the show. “I have a 19-year-old boy gedatet” he told me. “His father beat him because he thought that his son is in the boys room. The boy had a really difficult time and has, effectively, a suicide attempt will be taken.”

All this was not which is where you Wanne comment on it. Especially in his sketch of the clichéhomo – James Cooke, at the head of it quite a bit, not understanding the math. “We need to be role models of the mainstream are,” he said Wanne be on the show. “The man in the street, a woman in the street, who also happen to be boys or girls fall. I think we’ll have less of a need to, which contributes to role models who have a bit of a cliché to go to.”