In ghent for A few hours after the opening of the IKEA in Gent, the collection is in collaboration with Virgil Abloh, is the artistic director of Louis Vuitton, We almost completely sold out. Even before the opening, there were hundreds of fans to join. In the same row will also be a few opportunists who are in the one-off pieces bought at a bargain price, and then more and more expensive to sell to them. For example, we have listed some of the items on the MARKERAD collection for sale

the receipt, as a carpet, a three-dimensional mirror, and see the Mona Lisa as a light bulb. These are some of the items that IKEA Gent is extracted. All of them are part of the so-called MARKERAD collection, and all of them fly this morning and out the door, in the city of Ghent.
See Who is Virgil Abloh, the man who was in a real rush it caused in our stores-today

And so, as the lit, the Mona Lisa, this morning, the store was sold for 79,99 euro, the lamp is now online for you to purchase a minimum amount of 120 euros. Some of them dare to 220 euros, and even more than twice that number to get a unique piece.