Weird Zorica Rebernik (67), a woman from Bosnia is obsessed with the colour ‘red’. This leads to a remarkable way of life, they are also in the hereafter, and will continue to.

Zorica, a retired teacher, with a roodgeverfd her, and lives with her husband, Zoran, in a red house in Tuzla, in northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina. Here she is on the red seats, they are eating from red plates on a red table with red flower and they are drinking out of red cups. Also, the seats are red, as are the fridge and the sheets on the bed.

“When I was 18 or 19 years old, I felt a sudden strong urge to have me in the red dress,” says the woman. “Ever since then, I wear always a red and all of the decor in my house needs to be red.”