The civil war broke out called “Wanted: personal assistant who is a young woman with SMA, and to assist in its day to day activities. Well, that’s about the summary of the call Dijana Lešić (20) from a civil war broke out at the end of september, and placed it on it in the newspaper. There he is, glad tidings to you and we welcome them to Eve (the 28th) as well as her new DAD. Her letter touched me deeply, and I knew right away that Eve is the woman I’ve been looking for.”

On the 20th of september, gave Dijana a cry for help from it. She was badly in need of a personal assistant to help her with her day to day ritual. The twenty-year-old college student suffers from SMA, and it is, therefore, to a wheelchair and unable to work. However, the young woman is living her life with both hands and embrace it. But before that, they are still in need of help. And wrong it goes wrong. “Many people don’t understand that, I really depend on am one of them. If they suddenly don’t show up, then it stops, and my life as well. As a personal assistant, you have to have a lot of responsibility and you can’t just show up when it’s convenient for you”, made a statement and they did.

I have always dreamed about a job, which is to me satisfactory, and I think that here you will be found. This is the missing puzzle piece in my life.


you can also Read that “Without help, my life is here: a student Dijana (20) with the SMA and determined to have something in her life to make the Letter

the call prompted a lot of response from people. “I have a lot of emails and a lot of people would have felt called upon me to help you. Unfortunately, were there a lot of people who are not seriously. Until I got the letter from Eva read. Since burst is so much excitement, so much spontaneity. I felt that Eve, the woman was able to be what I was looking for,” says Dijana. There was a long discussion, and with the co-operation was arranged.

in Praise to Stepstone. They are reading the call of Dijana and be in contact with her. “They listened to my story and were so moved that they decided that I was a free job, should post it on their web site. So it came to Eva with me.”
Degree in philosophy

you may Also use the Eva is very pleased to have this opportunity, and with a degree in philosophy is in the bag, this is a new direction in her professional career. “I have always wanted to go into social work. That’s caring about me. I have always dreamed about a job, which is to me satisfactory, and I think that here you will be found. This is the missing puzzle piece in my life,” says Eva will be happy. It is Dijana is also extremely grateful to have this job to do. “It’s not easy to do this without a medical degree. I’ve still got a lot to learn, but I am sure that it will work out.”

For Dijana, this means that “there is finally a re-order of out of chaos will come.” Well done with the puzzle and move on to the agenda. “It’s a black hole, it is no longer possible, and that it provides so much relief. I am very happy that Eva is up.”