Schilde, belgium Claudia Nuyts is with the hands in her hair. A few days ago, it is for an intruder to get started with the first two litters of the breed the American Bully is a few weeks old. Probably they have been stolen by a man from the Netherlands in Almelo, the netherlands, from whom, and Claudia earlier this year, the mother had just bought.

Claudia Nuyts, bought in may of this year, a man in the Netherlands, Almelo is a American Bully, and a bitch. “Last month, got pregnant, our dog, and we had two beautiful little puppies,” says Claudia. “But we learned very quickly that the mother was not a good thing for the puppies, and even aggressive. We were worried that the puppy had to doodbijten, and then we decided to make the mother the way to do it.” Claudia posted the message on social media, and all of a sudden, she was contacted by the previous owner. “He wanted to take the dog back, and we even got dreigberichten. In the end, we still have to go back with him and agreed to in another place, and there he is, the dog can come and pick it up. He was even free of charge. I had nothing to do.”