Jupiler Pro League Standard came past the Three – and the difference was not very large. So far, So good for the Rouches. In your own home, even if they have no point to get it.

Environment: check.The sun: check.The pleasant temperatures in check.Football: check out..Sclessin was all set for a fun-filled afternoon.Standard it began pushing in to the race – SPEED had been six bills introduced only after the victory against Guimaraes. The captain Vanheusden was The Wolf that saved an attempt from the Amallah. A moment later, the Three-goaltender won’t stand a chance at a shot on Laifis – 1-0 after just six minutes.

The Rouches were dominated right from the start. Great combinations of threat, and a good organization. It all went well, Three do almost nothing against it make. Bastien was set up by the sixteen meters, he could not just decide to do. The Wolf has saved the shot from the Amallah. Éénrichtingsvoetbal. The only Bolingi made to compromise with the other side – just next to it.