The cycling season is over. For the riders, always a dangerous time to be in a black hole forever. Not so in the case of Adam Hansen. In the World of Lotto Soudal did it last weekend as Ironman.

Nay, the man, Hansen, is not just a regular vlerk. The 38-year-old Australian from team Lotto Soudal, has the record for the most consecutive cycle tours behind his name. Between 2011 and 2018, he began to be no less than 20 rounds. In addition, he went to each in the Giro, Tour or Vuelta, which he participated in well at all.

, But there is so much more. Hansen has his own software company, as well as developing its own koerssschoenen. Roads of hope, and for 50 grams. As the World grew to be a large part of his childhood in Hong Kong, as it is today, especially in the United Arab Emirates and live.

as If all that isn’t enough, he has won for his cycling career on the road is also a two-time Crocodile Trophy, a meerdagse mountain bike race in Australia, which is considered to be one of the toughest races in the world. You have to understand it all, Hansen, it is not only because of the 20 criteria one after the other, the odd one out of the bunch.

it’s confirmed to be the latest activity in the off-season yet again. The record for the most consecutive grand tours resulted in Hansen, earned the nickname Iron Man. The man took the title last weekend in the power to be effective in a full Ironman to do it. The good listener: a 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike and 42 km run.

I am impressed with it. As I’m about to do it, then I would have to do some extra sessions to make.

Adam Hansen

Hansen was signed up for the Ironman Florida on 2nd november. There, he came out as an age-grouper, among others, against the world in the olympic distance triathlon, including Andrew Starykowicz, Joe Skipper, Jesper Svensson, Denis Chevrot, and I Am Her. Hansen completed his Ironman in 9.05am:34 am and is showing as the 8th in the age group 35-39 years of age.

Better it is that Hansen has a small, ten-minutes away from qualifying for the prestigious world CHAMPIONSHIP Ironman triathlon in Hawaii. The riders seat was a rider from team Lotto Soudal as the 38th at 2283 delegates. Hansen had the fourth-cycle time of all the participants, write it down. The World did 4u15, about 180 kilometres down the road.

Just walk away, it less. Hansen ended his season in mid-October, with the Tour of Guangxi and, therefore, there was not enough time to adequately prepare for a triathlon. With just a handful of sessions, usually six to 8 miles < / p > Hansen and his marathon 3u37 to work with. The penalty cost.

“It was a very cool experience to be in the off-season to do so”, said Hansen’s on Twitter. “I’ve got an Ironman done in a little over 9 hours. I was thinking a 1-hour swim, and it came out as well. On the bike, I was expecting faster to be able to go. The walk was at 3h30-3u45 of failure.”

My transitions between the different disciplines were conducted, however, to be slow, but it was fun to do.I am in awe of them. As I’m about to do it, then I would have to do some extra sessions before,” said Hansen, with a touch.

Or how to use the off-season for one rider is a bit different than the others.