Style, With the forest fires in the Amazon basin state of sustainability once again high on the agenda. In the world of fashion, which is the second-most polluting industry in the world. With the new online tool, ‘Cosh’! will be Niki De Schryver to be as honest as possible, as the sustainability characteristics of the brands and the consumers through a shoppingroute will be easier for them within their budget and style, and durable the pieces have to be found.To us, she says of the concept.

My interest in terms of durability, I have part of a family of genes, but also because in my youth to travel a lot – and now I avoid flying as much as possible, it is my love for people and the planet are grown,” says Schryver. “I’ve been a long time, working for a fashion designer, Bruno Pieters, and was one of the originators of the fair sub-label, Honest By, < / i> in the most transparent fashion in the world, which last year ceased to exist upon.) . The first edition of this company, I have a half of research and half a year, on the first line of work, so I have lot of knowledge has been gained on the subject of sustainable fashion.

“Seven years later, it is transparent in the fashion most sustainable brands, with the bleeding, but I’ve noticed that consumers are still not sufficiently aware of. Hetpercentage the people who say that to live sustainably, and/or with circular and ethischewaarden and the percentage of consumers that actually ecologischen make ethical fashion purchases, still are too far apart. My gut instinct is zeimedat a lot of consumers have to have the courage to lose again to search naarduurzame and ethically-sourced brands to start with. That’s why I decided mijnskills in order to assist them in this.”

The most useful piece,

“in Flanders Circulairkreeg after the presentation of the plan to $ 100,000 toegereikt in order to get started, because there was a lot of work to be done. If I wanted to, for example, only the brands and shops who are the real steps to be taken and to be truthful regarding their efforts to communicate and polluting processes that are trying to greenwashen . Also, I wanted to go further than just colleagues, for Rank a Brand, Good on You, etc., etc. find out which brands are designing for re-use or re-processed into a new product. That cost is basically all of them are serious and then I had to have the store to go to appeal.”

“The concept is as follows: – stores 26, have already been signed up to subscribe to it and I have screen on 3 to 5 of their brands in all areas of sustainability. To ‘Cosh’!’ instead, I went on to have a useful, concise visual record of what I’ve found.And we’re honest and we’re giving him too as to what could be done better. That way, we can shopping lead to a more sustainable kledingaanbod, and allows customers to easily identify the brands they will be able to find it in a store, and what are the aspects that mark them). The idea is that if you have for example, 2 pairs of trousers are in doubt, you are using the ‘Cosh’!’ to quickly see which is the most durable, piece. A lot of stores will have some lasting marks, but to communicate, not because they are not the customers, would like to lose for the other labels. In ‘Cosh’!’ on the brands in the market, they sailed there, but that they should be doing.”

price Difference

“my survey shows that a lot of people think of sustainable clothing, a suit is more expensive, and the price, for many people, a big obstacle is. I just want to make sure that everyone, regardless of style or budget, a more sustainable choice you can make. If you are also on a budget, so that even in the fast-fashion shoppers, yet, still, on their own, but in a more ethical manner.”

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