Weird to see The ship in August, 1918, and in the Niagararivier ended up 600 meters away from the edge of the Street, is the largest of the niagara falls has moved. This is amazing, because it is in the 101-year period of time has never happened.

in The heavy rain, and tempest made sure that the historic wreck about fifteen feet closer to the brink of the Horseshoe falls is a priority. The ship would also have been tilted due to the strong currents, rolled around, and crashed again. For how long is impossible to predict the future.

It’s going to be a historic baggerbootje. On the 6th of August, 1918, and broke up the ship during a dredging operation independently of the tug which is in the back at the same time it would take. It drove off in the direction of the edge of the falls, with two men on board, Gustave Lofberg and Frank Harris. They were right and the double bottom to the mud dump, so their speed was reduced. The ship ran onto the rocks and into the water, leaving it to the last Thursday, more than a 101 years old firm lay. The wreckage was never recovered and is currently in a heavy state of disrepair.

two crew members were on the next day delivered more than 17 hours after they are left stranded. According to the legend, were given to Lofberg and Harris, it was so humid that it is their hair that night, snow white had become.