A head cook — boil money: how to make money on savings account

Faced with falling revenues due to coronaries, Siberians remembered that it would be nice to start saving in order to feel more confident in the future. At least have the airbag, as a maximum — to spend money on really important things, not on take-away coffee or useless subscription. Tell about one 100 percent way to save money correctly.

Look at offers from Alfa-Bank: Alfa-account is a savings account where you can store cash. Every month the Bank calculates and pays interest. The account works like a piggy Bank, but still gives the opportunity to receive additional passive income. And high — 6% per annum from the first month. Without conditions: the Bank pays interest even at 1 ruble.

“At the last meeting, the Central Bank lowered its key interest rate to 4.25%. There is a tendency to further decrease. So 6% on the savings account is an unprecedented offer in the banking sector”, — says the regional Manager of Alfa-Bank in Novosibirsk Andrew Fisher.

unlike other deposits savings account does not restrict you in the use of funds. Withdraw and transfer money at any time and any amount, even all the money — no restrictions and no impact on the interest rate.

Financial portfolio to any person, in the opinion of experts should consist of a cumulative, protective, and liquid parts.

the Cumulative part is a serious investment tools. Most profitable but risky. For example, securities. Protective of the programs that help to increase money, while protecting yourself and loved ones against unforeseen circumstances with your health. Such tools Alfa-Bank has developed with a partner of the Group. Liquid part of here, if need be, you can quickly take the money. With the alpha account money can be withdrawn at any time. From the deposits or investment programs it is harder to do. Alpha-account — tool with a good bet: while you manage your savings yourself.

Convenient that the account can be opened without leaving home — the Internet Bank or mobile app. Open up to five accounts in each currency (RUB, USD, EUR). Save up for a specific purpose, razgranicheniia cash flows, form the airbag.

to Fund a savings account whenever you want. From any accounts and cards of any Bank without a fee, using an ATM and cash Department of Alfa-Bank.