A series of A Romelu Lukaku is located in Milan is like a fish in the water to feel it. With the beautiful curls, he gave Inter the lead at Brescia, in his seventh match in a ten match, and only one of which is less than O Fenômeno to the Right. Superb figures, but it would not be possible without a good Italian produce. Thus, presented “Big Drop” of his soldiers in a Japanese dish.

“He’s doing extremely well,” it was the VTM-analyst: Gilles De Bilde, after the beautiful curl is full of praise. And Lukiller’ gave to the Italian press, and a new nickname emerged. With seven goals in his first ten matches was the Red Devil, the first of the season from Real Madrid for The serie a champions. For Inter, having scored only one singing more in his first ten matches for: the Brazilian Ronaldo, the phenomenon.

it’s rush hour in Milan, voetbalplezier it has been found, it is a gross understatement. Thus, according to a new gesture of Lukaku. According to the Italian Gazzetta dello Sport and i took our 26-year-old compatriot of his colleagues last night, coach Antonio Conte is handed a day off to go to a Japanese sterrenzaak. The hotel was located just a few steps from the famous avenue of Corso Sempione.

After all the Japanese delicacies were consumed, paid for Lukaku, according to the same paper, on a full charge. Later, in a speech, dieAntonio Candreva shot and Instagram was whirling. “Thanks to all of you for being here,” said Lukaku fluent in Italian – is a proof that he at any cost wants to succeed in the fashion capital. “I am very happy to be here. Thank you for your help, this has been a very, very special group.” In a speech to a loud round of applause was well received.