The meeting has not made headlines in the national media, and yet it has the allure of a record. This weekend, during a game late in the first day of district women’s football, the Gap Foot 05 received Peipin-Oration, the agreement between the two clubs in common, respectively, with 1 400 and 4 100 inhabitants. In the Face of the Gapençaises, the visiting team did not make the weight and lost on a score river : 24 goals to 0 !

In D1, scores of rivers… but not as much !

“This is the carton of the weekend,” one can read on the website of the Dauphiné libéré. “It was first believed that it was the wrong sport “, playing, Provence. The daily reminds that the club of Gap is “engaged for several years” and has a ” breeding ground for high potential “. If such a gap is very rare at the top level, the impressive ratings are legion in football, even in the first division.

for example since the beginning of the season, Olympique lyonnais, champion of Europe in title, had cardboard against Lille (0-8) and Soyaux (4-0) and finally the face of Paris FC (5-0) in the first three days. The PSG is not in rest with a brilliant success against Soyaux (0-6), a walk of health in regard to the Paris FC (5-1) and against Rodez (4-0).

The soccer women already in full boom

beyond these scores and the unfortunate defeat of the players of Peipin-Oration, the women’s football continues to develop in france. Since the triumph of the Blue to Moscow in July last year, the number of licensed increased by 15 %, against 10 % the previous season. At the end of last season, the French football Federation were already 169 312 to be fired. “Compared to other team sports in the female, it is almost in the top 3 with the basketball and the hand’, pointed out in the beginning of the season, Brigitte Henriques, the vice-president of the FFF during the presentation of the first women’s division. Objective : reach 250, 000 members at the dawn of the world Cup 2019.

Because all of the players in women’s football are hoping to benefit from a leverage effect colossal with the world Cup, which will take place from June 7 to July 7 in France. The ticket office is already open for the licensees, will be for the general public from next Thursday. The draw, him, will take place in early December (8 to 18 hours) and the competition will be broadcast by the TF1 group and Canal+ channels.