A denunciation wrote Georgy Zhukov Marshal of the armored troops Mikhail Katukova

History 08/01/20 a denunciation wrote Georgy Zhukov Marshal of the armored troops Mikhail Katukova

Between Georgy Zhukov and Mikhail Katukov during the war times there is all kinds of friction. Some of these conflicts were unfounded, and some were unfounded. Once the bugs even wrote on Katukova denunciation. Moreover, the note Georgy pushed those sins Katukova, in which he was seen by himself.

responding to Guderian

Many historians say that Georgy Zhukov believed Michael E. Katukova your competitor. At least, according to Valery and Victor Zamulina, authors of the book “Myths and legends of Fire arc”, conflict between Zhukov and Katukova during the great Patriotic war there were many. So, in 1941 tank brigade under the command of another Colonel Guderian was given a serious rebuff to the famous Heinz Guderian. Guderian himself admitted that “the Russian losses were significantly less than our losses.”

moreover, Jean Lopez and Lasha of Otkhmezuri, the authors of the publication “beetles. Portrait on the background of the era,” write about that then Stalin himself phoned Mikhail Efimovich, which was a rarity. And the legendary Yuri Levitan announced publicly on the radio about the Guderian awarding the order of Lenin. A few days later, Georgy Zhukov sent a brigade Katukova on the other end of the front, Istra. Zhukov also ordered to give “the contender” a Tribunal for a 48-hour delay in the execution of the order. Saved Katukova only the intervention of Stalin.

“the House Baba”

However, according to Alexei Isaev, author of the book “Georgy Zhukov. The last argument of the king”, Mikhail Katukov, even after becoming commander of the 1st tank army, really very carefully entered your connection to battle. However, according to Isayev, Katukova can understand: in the second half of the great Patriotic war, he got the most heavy operation. That’s just Georgy Zhukov the reasons for the failure of the Soviet tankmen explained quite simply. Shortly before the victory of the February 1, 1945, Zhukov sent Katukova a note of “clarification”. Similar document received and Nikolay Popel, General of armored troops and political Commissar.

In the note, the text of which is given in the publication “1945. The year of the Victory” Vladimir Beshanova Georgy pointed out that Mikhail Katukov “holed up at home with Baba” and told “send on Katukova woman.” The very same bugs at the same time, and with living spouse, cohabited with the nurse Lidia Zakharova. As for the “baby” Katukova, it really was. But by the time Mikhail Yefimovich unlike Georgy already widowed: Ksenia emelyanovna Katukova died in may 1941. In addition, Popiel also had outdoorsy field wife, but bugs for some reason to claim it to Katukova.

the Fight for Berlin between your

With its front-line girlfriend Ekaterina Sergeevna, Mikhail Katukov formalized the relationship after the war. Unknown, did Ekaterina about the accusation, who wrote to Guderian, Zhukov, but on the latter she always responded negatively. Moreover, clashes between warlords did not stop. So, Ekaterina Katukova, the words of which are given in the book Alex Gromov “bugs”, and recalled that Georgy had cherished the dream of the first to enter Berlin. He even prepared for this event white horse. However, unexpectedly it was found that in the capital of Germany is already part of another Soviet military commander Ivan Konev. Beetles contacted by Katukov and demanded to stop Konev. But Michael E. Zhukov refused. “I order you are off and shot!” said Katukova Georgy.

According to the statement of Valery and Victor Zamulina, Zhukov did not forgive Katukova Berlin. Mikhail Yefimovich had many awards and even became twice Hero of the Soviet Union. However, the title of Marshal of armored forces, which Katukov was presented after the war, he had tAK and was then awarded. In 1959 the title of Marshal Michael Katukova yet been rated. All these years, supported his wife Ekaterina, at the time, survived with her future husband to Berlin. They lived together until the death of Michael Katukova. After his death, Catherine S., who, according to Dmitry Yazov, the author of the book “the victorious Stalin” retained the clarity of mind even at the age of 98 years, wrote a memoir dedicated to Katukova.

Yulia Popova

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