Of antwerp, “That is, ” to the death, escape,’” says Tommy, Snoeys, while he is the picture of verhakkelde bike under the wheels of a Romanian truck, watching. The 28-year-old man from antwerp is survived by wed morning as if by magic, a dodehoekongeval on the dangerous crossroads at the palace of sports.

However, that on the Bisschoppenhoflaan resident, was driving Thursday afternoon after his sister, in the North of Antwerp. They, along with the kids to go to the doctor. “I got hit by a car from Bisschoppenhoflaan and saw that the lights in the Arena turn green, jump. I did not have to apply the brakes and was able to just drive straight through. Some of the pedestrian stepped into the crosswalk at the. Then it popped up out of nothing a Romanian truck. He came from Bisschoppenhoflaan and it also had a green light. Suddenly turned my way and gave it the gas. I crashed into the side of the cab and fell to the ground. The truck ran further and further away.