Oudenburg, The 32-year-old Kevin L. from Oudenburg, better known as a Clown, yet there was, until he died in his cell in the prison of Brugge, belgium. The Bruges public prosecutor confirmed his death and describes it as a desperate act. The man refused to take his medication for his diabetes, too, and it died zijn.De well-known clown, released in may of last year, his ex-girlfriend, Caroline, Dombrecht (46) in order to live, and entrenched himself armed, on top of a building located in Bredene.

It was to look at the assisenproces Kevin L., who for more than a year, was a grisly murder. He was able to marital breakdown with Caroline, Dombrecht from Ettelgem, not verkroppen, and it was on the 14th of may, the house foreign debt. Kevin L. bond, the victim, and brought her to life, but with knife wounds. Her children were in the house as well.

and Then he left, Kevin L., to the place, and the military and he is spending hours on the roof of the apartment building where he used to live in Bredene. He gesticuleerde constantly, it was sometimes around, and even a Facebook-live-boot. My friend in the special forces unit of the police force him to flee.

the investigation into the murder had almost been completed, and the matter would go to council to be referred to a specialist. But on Saturday it died, Kevin L. is in the cell. The public prosecutor’s office in Bruges to describe the facts as if an act of desperation, or suicide. “There were no third parties involved at the time of death. There are also no facts have occurred that, in order to further research questions,” said Celine D’have, of the public prosecutor’s office of the city. Kevin L. it was a long time ill, and was suffering from diabetes. Already for a long time, he refused to take his medication, to take it, you hear it from a variety of sources. Eventually, Kevin L., to be there on Saturday to have died, not long after, an out-patient hospital visit.