Sightseeing and beach life – the perfect Mix for city breaks in the summer.Beach bars, beach volleyball and Jogging on the Promenade In Tel Aviv life is taking place on the beach.In Cannes, a relaxing holiday makers to send private beaches and beach clubs.

in the Morning before work, a round on the beach for a jog? In the lunch break, a short ride and in the evening at the beach club with a good Drink in Hand relax in the evening? Yes, there are cities whose residents enjoy the privilege of living right by the sea.

this Mix of metropolis and the beach Feeling is attractive. After a Sightseeing Trip, which includes museums, monuments and the entire city center, is a trip to the seaside is a wonderful balance with great recovery effect. FOCUS Online presents a set of six dream-cities, which are suitable for this combination.

1. Barcelona: games, sports and fun

The coast of the city is a total of 4.2 kilometres in length and eight beach sections. The main beach of Barceloneta, is located just ten minutes from the city centre and is lined with a Promenade. Colourbox On the beach of Barcelona, lots of great Bars

the lure as soon As the first sun show beams, the section is a popular meeting place for inhabitants and tourists. Accordingly, it is alive, it can go here.

if Anyone would like to engage in sports, you can Wind – and kite-surfing or to the freely accessible fitness equipment to train. All the other put themselves in one of the many beach bars or enjoy the excellent seafood restaurants.

2. Cannes: Glamorous sunbathing

The sophisticated Flair of the film festival city on the Côte d’azur also shapes life on the beach: Many of the well-maintained sections are private beaches, which belong to luxurious Grand Hotels.

The good news: Even if you are not a guest of the hotel, for a fee, usually access. One of the most popular places for sunbathing on the Plage du Martinez belongs to the eponymous Hotel. Also popular: the Plage Royal and the beaches of the Carlton and Majestic Hotels. Who is at one of these private beaches, and of course enjoys a special Service of deck chairs to showers and Changing rooms. Colourbox The sophisticated Flair of the film festival city on the Côte d’azur is also in your beach life

But also the public beaches, Plage de la Bocca and the Plage du Midi is very popular.

3. Tel Aviv: Where life on the beach takes place

About 14 kilometers of the beach of Tel Aviv, extends in Israel – a broad strip of sand, the shapes, the atmosphere is crucial. For a major part of the life of the bustling metropolis.

There is bathed, surfed, beach volleyball fields, competed against each other and Friday night behind the Dolphinarium together tumbled. Israeli Ministry of tourism/Dana Friedlander Along the 14-Kilometer-long city beach of Tel Aviv can select the section that corresponds to his needs

in Between the beach, there are restaurants such as the “Manta Ray”, the fresh fish served in a panoramic view. And on the green area between the beaches families meet all the great barbeque.

Highly recommended: a walk on the beach, starting at the Hilton Hotel down in the historic district of Jaffa. Or Jogging along the Promenade. Also very fashionable: Inline Skates! In need of a holiday? Now save with coupons Expedia

4. Dubrovnik: crystal clear waters and romantic coves.

The Croatian city is often overlooked when it comes to city beaches. In the Adriatic, it is situated is one, of the cleanest and bluest places of the earth. In addition to sandy beaches there are some gravel sections, such as Banje beach, where the water is particularly clear.

those Who prefer to refuel a little away from the hustle and bustle of sun, a rocky Bay. The St. James beach, for example, is very close to the city in a gravel-covered Bay. dpa/Dubrovnik Tourist Board/B. Kragić The old town of Dubrovnik is surrounded by beautiful bays.

A real adventure of the Buže beach, located on the rocks below the wall of the city, and its guests with a unique view rewarded. Here are the journey-Newsletter

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5. Rio de Janeiro: Surf Hotspot and party mile

Not since the football world Cup in 2014, Rio is one of the longing destinations of many holidaymakers. And thus the magnificent Guanabara Bay, to include the several sections of the beach.

The Brazilian metropolis is closely linked with their beaches and stands for a unique feeling of life. Among the most famous sections of the four-Kilometer-long, Crescent-shaped Copacabana beach with sugar loaf mountain in the Background, and Ipanema. The rock tip of Arpoador, which separates the two, is regarded as a surfing Hotspot. Colourbox The Brazilian Copacabana is world famous for

in the evening, the inhabitants meet at the sea to enjoy the impressive sunset and applaud then, before the Copacabana beach turns into a party mile.

6. Sydney: Great variety of around 40 beaches

Around 40 beaches in the Australian city. Including well-known places, which are Must-have for travellers: On the Bondi Beach not only tourists, but Locals before and after work to surf the net and also in the lunch break.

To the famous Manly Beach with the ferry. Here Open-Air Festivals. Tourism Australia Bondi Beach is because of its perfect waves for surfing, the most famous beach in Australia

also, the Tamarama Beach for daring surfers, and its density of Models is known. The perfect place to stop on a coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee Beach.

A real Highlight so-called rock pool, which is framed by rock pools, which are filled with water and in which even small children can swim. Particularly beautiful specimens are found at the Bronte and Freshwater Beach. In need of a holiday? Now Up to 7000 Euro fine save with coupons Expedia

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