Abroad, A Belgian tourist was from his mother in Vietnam, losing nearly all of his possessions. He had, however, safely be left in his hotel room. “I want to be an offset,” says Yves Q. (37), who, against almost 3 000 a hidden treasure. But it turns out to be more difficult than I expected.

Yves V. was displeased with the adventure in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam’s largest city. On the 18th of October, bet he will be in a hotel for backpackers. He was a two-night stay. But after a sleepless first night in a noisy room, he asked me the morning after to change. The tourist from the province of Limburg was given a different room and moved his stuff in. After that, he went with a fellow tourist in the city.

When it’s in the evening to the hotel returned, and was followed by a cold shower. In his room was found occupied by two other people. His belongings were missing.It was going to take two laptops, a passport and visa are important documents, and keep all his stuff in it. According to Yves, V., good, with an overall value of 70 million Vietnamese Dong, a little more than 2 700€. The Belgian stepped up to help in the investigation.