The car, A 14-year-old from Australia, it is a fur made of. In a stolen car, he drove backwards at the police, who pursued him. After that, he went for it full throttle, of course. In its flight it hit, however, he is a very expensive Lamborghini.

Police in Perth, australia, saw it last night at around 20 pm local time, a car that is aimed at it was. The white Subaru was found stolen in a break-in on Sunday the 6th of October. Immediately put them in the gun. The young officer did not, however, be readily captured.

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While the officers came up, he slowed all of a sudden, so are the cops on him, inreden. The car struck suffered serious damage.After that round, the 14-year-old with full throttle, of course. In-flight hit it a little further on, however, is a very expensive Lamborghini. After that, the crash was a teenager, then you’ll have to walk away.

as a result, serious damage to the police car, and a car to at least 200,000 euros for the flags. The teen was also in the vicinity is picked up. He needs to have the juvenile court judge to appear.